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Dads Lancia birthday gift

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

In society I’m a strong believer in always putting good back in as you get out. I would Not be where I am in life today if it wasn’t for my dad and mum. Always wanted to repay them back for everything they have done for me and sticking by me in my rough time (my 20s)

When I was 5 years old my dad had a Lancia beta coupe which he sold when my brother came along as it was to small. He still goes on about that car today and he drives a 147 Gta. So I found one a year ago and thought it would be an amazing idea to restore it and give it to him as a birthday gift.

We stripped this car back ... body fully painted and we rebuilt the engine in house. We decided to hand it to him at the sharnbrook Italian car day , Car s.o.s style like Tim And fuzz ,,, Classic car weekly attended and so did modern classics to capture the hand over. Ps couldn’t of done it with out Jp

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