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Numero Uno

When Autosportivo begun I always wanted a Uno turbo to restore. Having many back in the day I always wanted another. This little gem wasn’t to far from us and when I went to view it it was just a bare shell an unfinished project. I fell in love with it that minute I saw it and saw what potential it could have. To me the real uno turbo has always been a mk1 they are more special. Compared to the mk2. (And I’ve also owned a mk2)

So finally got her back it took me 4 years I spent every evening on her after work rebuilding it. Ordering parts from Italy no nut and bolt hasn’t been touched on this car. This car was the beginning of something special , as one eve I picked up modern classics magazine when at the back I saw “what our readers drive. I thought why not I’ll send in a few pics see what they think. It wasn’t till Nathan saw it and asked for my number to call me. He said this deserves a real feature 5 page one infact. That was the beginning of a fantastic friendship Finally some one saw my hard work ..... all the crap I went through ... business partners letting me down this was my reward for my hard work and my believe in autosportivo.

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