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Strada abarth the last of the true abarths

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

After selling my red Strada abarth many years ago always wanted another but finding one was the trouble. One afternoon at work the phone rings and a gentleman calls asking me if I would go visit him as he has something special in his garage he wanted to recommission. He had owned this car since 1988, second owner and kept in his garage. He did a lot to it body work wise , but sadly been sat not driven after it failed its Mot in 2014. I made him an offer to just sell it to me he declined. He didn’t want to pay what I quoted to get her back on the road. 4 months pass and again i gave him a call asking if he would sell. He agreed and we agreed a price.

On the day I went to collect her he had water in his eyes and I promised him I would get her back to it’s formal glory. We ended up buying a donar car to get this one complete as I didn’t want to waste time and money finding parts which are now so expensive. I opted to swop the interior to the later model which I think looks better. Had the wheels refurbed diamond cut and fitted a brand new set of twin Weber carbs. Brand new exhaust from ricambi parts in London , and shocks and break lines. God she sounds amazing On then twin Webber carbs

So here we are today I’m writing this the day before she gets released in modern classics 3rd October. Massive thanks to modern classics magazine for such a great feature.

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